Thank your for attending this year's rodeo!

***NOTICE: All Contestants & Boarded Equine must carry up to date documentation!***

(Please see update below)

The Cañon City Rodeo Association proudly presents

Official Quarantine Update

The Equine Infectious Anemia Virus has been completely eradicated from the Cañon City Rodeo Grounds. All exposed horses have been completely cleared with repeated negative Coggins test results and are no longer in any danger. All animals currently on the grounds have been cleared of health risks to the community and the rodeo grounds. We have been cleared by the Colorado State Veterinarian’s Office and the Federal Department of Agriculture to lift the quarantine and re-open as of February 15th, 2019 at 4:30 PM.

We are happy to announce that only 1 horse was infected due to swift movement by our association to follow a strict protocol, ensuring the safety of all other horses. No other horses on the grounds or community were infected. We appreciate the cooperation, communication, and efforts of local vet Lisa Eskridge, the state and federal vets, the boarders, Lynn Stock, as well as our Vice President; Georgia Stanton, for their joint efforts to immediately take the necessary actions/precautions and stop this from spreading any further. We Thank you!

NOTICE: The Grounds rules have been updated. Please view them here and make yourself aware of recent changes, so we can all keep our rodeo grounds a safer and more organized place of future use.

We received high praise from the state and federal vets for how quickly we handled this, taking all of the steps necessary to prevent the spread of this serious disease. They also praised us for being forthcoming and transparent with the public. We want the Cañon City Rodeo Grounds to continue to be a safe place to bring your horses and animals. Our upgraded rules and regulations are for the safety of YOUR animals, along with ours,

per state and federal guidelines.


Any questions may be emailed to or sent via messenger to our page on facebook. We would be happy to answer any questions, and pass along the names/numbers of the state and federal vets, should you have any complaints you need further addressed. Thank you for your patience and trust in us. 
We are OPEN!

The 147th Annual Royal Gorge Rodeo